IT’S OVER!!!! No more magazine; way more books!

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By Chris Rhatigan

About five years ago, Alec Cizak started the website All Due Respect. He posted one story a month, and the audience was quite small at first. But the first thing that struck me about these stories was their rawness—this was grim, bareknuckle crime fiction.

I took the reins in 2012, attempting to maintain the high bar that Mr. Cizak set. Since then, All Due Respect has grown into a quarterly magazine and a publishing company.

So I’m a bit sad to announce the end of All Due Respect magazine. It’s been a good run.

BUT I’m excited to announce that All Due Respect Books will be publishing TWO titles a month in 2016. We’re closing the magazine’s doors so that we can focus on publishing more kick ass crime novels, novellas, and short story collections.

 The magazine, unfortunately, cost us the most in terms of money, time, and energy, while providing the least in terms of financial return. We still remain committed to the short story form and will continue releasing short story collections, including ones from Paul D. Brazill and Ryan Sayles in 2016.

But it’s become pretty clear that our audience prefers novels and novellas to short fiction. And who are we to argue with them?

And we have so many phenomenal books slated for the near future: Eric Beetner’s Nine Toes in the Grave, Marietta Miles’ Route 12, Michael Pool’s Debt Crusher, and Sarah M. Chen’s Cleaning Up Finn.

PLUS writers releasing their second books with us—Rob Pierce’s Vern in the Heat, Greg Barth’s Diesel Therapy (the next installment of his stripper revenge series, Selena) and CS DeWildt’s Kill ‘Em With Kindness. Also out today (September 15, 2015) are ebook reprints of The Kind of Friends Who Murder Each Other by Chris Rhatigan and Manifesto Destination by Alec Cizak. And, coming October 1, 2015, is Mike Monson’s noir novella What Happens in Reno.

All of the All Due Respect back issues will remain available here. And you can always go back and read the stories on the website for free here. We’ve published some serious work over the years—Steve Weddle, Matthew C. Funk, Hilary Davidson, Jake Hinkson, Patti Abbott—the list goes on.

 And, of course, you should keep obsessively checking this site for more details on our latest releases.

Chris Rhatigan

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