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Okay, look above there. Nine Toes In The Grave, by Eric Beetner. This is our latest release, came out December 1.

Reese has tried to live a good, honest life. But life has other plans. From the boss’s wife who wants him to do something terrible to the sleazebags trying to set him up, when things go downhill, they go fast and Reese finds himself fighting for his life as the hard luck piles on. His only way out might be to throw away the moral code he’s been living by, face trouble head on and prove you can only push a man so far before he pushes back–hard.

“If dead bodies, a dystopian view of the world and whip-crack dialogue are your thing, then this tale may just be for you.” — Crime Fiction Lover

“Beetner is an old school talent, a crime writer’s crime writer like Gil Brewer (although, in my humble opinion, he’s better than Brewer), who writes stuff that is fast and funny and dark all at once.” — Jake Hinkson, author of No Tomorrow and Hell on Church Street

Eric Author photo SM

In addition to Nine Toes In The Grave, Beetner is the author of Rumrunners, The Devil Doesn’t Want Me, Dig Two Graves, White Hot Pistol, The Year I Died Seven Times, Stripper Pole At The End Of The World & the story collection, A Bouquet Of Bullets. He is co-author (with JB Kohl) of the novelsOne Too Many Blows To The Head and Borrowed Trouble and Over Their Heads. He co-wrote the upcoming The Backlist with author Frank Zafiro. He has also written two novellas in the popular Fightcard series, Split Decision and A Mouth Full Of Blood. He lives in Los Angeles where he co-hosts the Noir At The Bar reading series. For more visit

To read a classic Eric Beetner story from the original All Due Respect e-zine, A Job For Two, go here.


Okay, coming December 1, is Diesel Therapy, by Greg Barth.

While cooling her heels in Federal Prison, Selena finds herself an unwilling pawn in a deadly game played by powers beyond her understanding. Her enemies are not finished hurting her. While incarcerated, Selena is completely under their control, and finds herself subjected to the cruelest form of punishment known to the Federal Prison System. When presented with an unexpected opportunity to right old wrongs, Selena chooses her own course—and to hell with the powers that be. But freeing herself from prison will prove to be the hardest challenge she’s faced yet. As her course takes twists and turns, Selena takes on the unlikeliest ally of all. She enlists hell’s own soldier as she commands her own reckoning against those that have wronged her.

Greg Barth is the author of Bona Fide JobsWhere Moth and Rust Corrupt, as well as Selena and two upcoming follow-ups Diesel Therapy and Suicide Lounge. He lives and writes in Bowling Green, Kentucky.



Now, check this out. On January 1, we will release Debt Crusher, a freaking hard-as-nails and sexy crime novella by Michael Pool.

Cam Reynolds has a problem. When Cam’s longtime boss Tom Colcetti dies and leaves control of his criminal organization to his predatory son Tommy, Cam may finally get the chance to run a crew of his own. But Tommy has his eyes on new business horizons, and Cam just made a mistake that could destroy Tommy’s heavy-hitting new partnership. NOW Cam must struggle against violent forces of  betrayal, lust and greed as he attempts to either salvage his career, or get out of the game with his life still intact.


Michael Pool was born and raised in Tyler, Texas and currently lives in Seattle, Washington. His short fiction has appeared in publications such as All Due Respect (his story Tote the Note nominated for a Derringer Award), Thuglit, Out of the Gutter, Heater Magazine, and Urban Graffiti.  When not writing, Michael can usually be found teaching or training in his other passion, Brazilian Jiu-Jitsu. Find him online at


On March 1, we got Vern In The Heat, by Rob Pierce. You know Rob, he wrote the gritty and brilliant crime book Uncle Dust. This new book is a novella about a man who usually works drops and pickups for a crime organization but gets set up, and suddenly has two gang bosses after his head. And it’s a love story.


Rob Pierce has been nominated for a Derringer Award for short crime fiction, and has had his stories published in Flash Fiction Offensive, Pulp Modern, Plots With Guns, Revolt Daily, Near To The Knuckle, and Shotgun Honey. The editor of Swill Magazine, he lives in Oakland, California, with his wife and two children. He is equally comfortable taking romantic walks on the beach or dumping the body elsewhere.

On April 1, we’ve got Suicide Lounge, the third installment in the Selena saga, by Greg Barth. Yay! Since we got the second two Selena books coming soon, maybe it’s time to buy the first book, Selena, right now. Okay?

April 15, we will release Squeeze, by Chris Rhatigan. This novella features sleazy newspaper reporter Lionel Kasper, who you may remember from the novella A Pack of Lies, which was Rhatigan’s contribution to our double-noir publication Two Bullets Solve Everything. Again, Kasper proves he will do anything for a buck. Anything.

Chris Rhatigan

Chris Rhatigan is the co-publisher of All Due Respect Books. He is the author of more than fifty published short stories and the novella The Kind of Friends Who Murder Each Other. His short story collection Wake Up, Time to Die was released in  2014 by BEAT to a PULP. His novella Pessimist is one half of the All Due Respect Books double novella publication you don’t exist. His novella A Pack of Lies appeared in another All Due Respect Books publication, Two Bullets, along with Disco Rumble Fish by Ryan Sayles.


Next, on May 1, we will bring you something tasty:  The great Paul Brazill has gathered his wonderful shorts into a collection and we are lucky enough to get to publish it. Brazill describes The Last Laugh and Other Shots of Noir as “a sharp, violent  and blackly comic look at life through a glass darkly.”

me 2-2

Born in England and now on the lam in Poland, Brazill’s first job was on a government scheme updating Ordnance Survey Maps (not as glamorous as it sounds). He’s also worked in a second-hand record shop &  played bass in a couple of unsuccessful  post-punk bands. He’s been TEFL teaching for more than a decade and claims he seems to be getting away with it so far. He is the author ofGuns of Brixton, Cold London Blues, Kill Me Quick! and a few other tasty snacks. His writing has  been translated into Italian, Finnish, German and Slovene. His stories have been published in various magazines and anthologies, including The Mammoth Book of Best British Crime 8, 10, and 11. 

On May 15, we will release Cleaning Up Finn, a noir by Sarah M. Chen.

Ms. Chen, whose story The Donut Dealer was a big hit in All Due Respect #6, has written an elegant yet down-and-dirty noir and was nice enough to submit it to US. Wow. You, dear readers, will be able to get your hands on it next Spring.

Among the many things I love about it is the accurate depiction of the Redondo/Hermosa/Manhattan Beach locales of LA’s South Bay.


Life is an endless party for restaurant manager, Finn Roose. When he seduces an underage woman on one of his infamous booze cruises and loses her—literally, it sets off a massive search involving the police, her parents, and a private investigator. Finn spins lie after lie to stay out of trouble, and it’s not until his best friend suffers the consequences does he scramble to set things right. But this may be too much to ask from a guy who can’t resist a hot babe or a good time.

Sarah M. Chen

Sarah M. Chen has worked a variety of odd jobs, usually all at once, ranging from studio script reader to bartender. She continues this trend today as an indie bookseller, transcriber, and private investigator assistant. Sarah’s crime fiction short stories and flash fiction have appeared online and in several anthologies, including All Due Respect, Akashic’s Thursdaze series, Plan B magazine, and the Sisters in Crime/LA anthology, Ladies Night. Her noir novella, Cleaning Up Finn,proves she can write something over 6,000


Now, for the summer, we’ve got some books acquired that just haven’t got an exact publication date just yet. Those books are:

Kill ‘Em With Kindness, by CS DeWildt


CS DeWildt, the author of the popular and acclaimed All Due Respect Book  Love You To A Pulp, has graced us with another rough-edged, yet beautifully written novel about crime, criminals, desperate love, and nearly unspeakable violence. Kill ‘Em With Kindness will be out this summer and it is our pleasure to bring it to your waiting hands and eyes.

Nick Gillis is a small town marijuana grower who minds his own business. Still coming to terms with his wife’s suicide, Nick has little contact with anyone but his business partner and the local bartender. He keeps a low criminal profile until the night a simple act of kindness toward the beautiful, battered Kimmy Flynn brings him to the attention of local thug, and Kimmy’s man, Chad Toll.

Chad pulls Nick into the folds of his crew and Nick is expected to go along with the program like it or not. In addition to growing for Chad, Nick finds himself responsible for assisting Kimmy in her daily affairs, but Nick soon learns that Kimmy is not the victim she seems, and that her plan to kill and rob Chad may be just what Nick needs to extricate himself from the crew. But murder is never that simple, not when the job involves the brutal police chief, as well as Chad’s bodyguards: a pair of vicious, two-hundred pound mastiff’s who never leave his side. Kimmy claims to have the solutions to these problems, solutions that include and underground dungeon and a murder of crows, but as the pair becomes closer, Nick wonders if perhaps he’s nothing more than an expendable piece of something bigger.

“Kill ‘em with Kindness’ is a deceivingly simple small town crime caper, but as secrets are ripped away like flesh from bone, the only simple truth is that an act of kindness is the only catalyst needed for the worst kind of brutality.


Only Bones, by Daniel Vlasaty,  a tale of urban grit and desperation in its most pure and unfiltered state.

Daniel is a bike messenger in Chicago. He’s good at his job and takes pride in his work. In his riding. In the fact that he knows the city’s streets like the back of his hand. Daniel’s also in debt to his drug dealer, Lawrence. And this is a problem. Because the only thing Daniel loves more than his bike and riding is amphetamine. So when Lawrence offers Daniel a job to work for him and pay off his debt Daniel doesn’t hesitate. It’ll be an easy job, Lawrence tells him. Just running packages, product delivery, pick-ups. The same shit Daniel does every day as a bike messenger.

But things are never easy.

Not in Chicago. Not when your first run is a pick-up job from a lunatic meth head. Not when you’re being followed by two of Chicago’s finest. And especially not when you’re out of your head on amphetamine.

Daniel Vlasaty is the author of THE CHURCH OF TV AS GOD (Eraserhead Press) and AMPHETAMINE PSYCHOSIS (Black Dharma Press). He lives in Chicago.



Also coming is Prelude to the Massacre, by Stan Miller.

We’ve never read anything like it, you’ve never read anything like it, we can assure you.

Here is the synopsis:

Prelude to the Massacre tells the story of Lee Williams, who, on being mistakenly released early from prison, is confronted with the poverty, unemployment and crime of Recession Arizona.  As Lee struggles to survive and combat his own demons he comes under the influence of his cousin Jeff, a deranged, disfigured Iraq war veteran, militia member and Neo-Nazi prophet.  A vicious chemistry forms between the two and a race into madness begins.  But are the stakes even higher than Lee imagined?  Are they in fact, the World?

Okay, that’s a nice outline, I guess, but the only way to really experience this terror of a book is to read it cover-to-cover. Which is what we did, quickly, after digesting the first sentence. It seems Mr. Miller took our submissions page seriously where we write:

What we want: low-life literature. Criminals, thugs, douchebags, cheaters, gamblers, pickpockets, ne’er-do-wells, guns, cigarettes, bath salts, booze, beer, strippers, whores, wheelers, dealers, schemers, robbers, adulterers, embezzlers, loan sharks, losers, and lottery winners (who are, of course, losers).

All at 100 mph with the brake lines cut and a shitload of speed running through its veins.

What we don’t want: straight-laced, upstanding folk of any kind. White House-‘n-terrorism thrillers. Police procedurals. Amateur detectives. Professional detectives. Mysteries. Cats that do anything besides be cats.

Prelude To The Massacre is a completely uncompromising look at people and places and events that are truly criminal and truly awful–and completely believable. It’s not a horror novel, not at all, but, it’ll scare the shit out of you.

Stan Miller was born in 1981 in Reading, Pennsylvania.  Dead Steel had eighteen years to kill him but it failed.  An economic drop out of Bard College and a graduate of Temple University, he’s lived in Sicily, Spain, Mexico, New York City, Phoenix at the nadir of the recession, and Hollywood.  He currently resides in California’s Central Valley, where they murder in the streets and walk away clean.  He likes animals more than people.




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